War Room: Could You Be Fighting The Wrong Enemy?


I watched the movie War Room last night. It wasn’t what I expected. I believed it would be great, but usually when a movie is really “popular” I tend to not like it as much as others do. When it started, I thought “Oh, it’s just going to be another sappy movie about fixing a broken marriage”. And it was! However, I learned things from it that apply to everyone-single or not.

I was planning to make a long, numerical list of the main points I got from this movie but instead I want to focus on one: Fighting the wrong enemy. Continue reading

From Mess To Message


I love who I am.

I am far from perfect but I love who I am.

Back in middle school I was very depressed-suicidal in fact. This is not a story I tell a whole lot… it can feel a little weird to share. Will people label me “emo” the way they used to? Will people say I was just being ungrateful (although in some ways I was)? What will people think of me if they knew I was depressed?

The truth is the girl I am today is nothing like the girl I used to be. Continue reading

Cookies, french fries, and soda… Goodbye!


“What’s your secret?”

This is one of the questions I’ve heardmost lately. No, the question isn’t in reference to getting some guy’s commitment or in making a million dollars (although that would be nice).It’s in reference to something that everybody needs… To become a healthier individual.

Now, before I go into what I do, what my results have been, and why people are asking me about this let me explain to you why this is important for you…

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Writer’s Wednesdays and hitting your goals…


I’m starting a blog.

I’ve started one actually. Here you are, reading it. This is one of my few first posts. This is a journey. I’ve never owned a blog before. I never really pictured having one. I have pictured writing though many times before. As a kid, I loved to make up stories with my friends. I always loved music and writing poetry. In high school, I finally picked up a guitar. Eventually, I got a little bit into piano. Now I write songs nonstop. Every other week I have a new song idea…

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10 Reasons To Start A Blog


Hello there beautifully diverse world! I’m going to share with you today exactly what the title says: 10 Reasons To Start A Blog.

1.) It’s like having a journal-plus accountability. There’s no better way to track what you’ve been up to in life other than really writing it down and reflecting. The great thing with a blog is that others get a glimpse into what you’ve been up to as well. This means you’ll probably feel more motivated to do things!

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